We Challenge Status Quo

We are a mission-based company that started with a simple question. Can we live in a world where a healthy lifestyle and corporate goals are aligned? Simple answer. Yes! Our DNA is to challenge everything that has ever been done in the personal care industry. Why? Because it’s not sustainable anymore. We completely reinvented how personal care “should” work.

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We brush our teeth too

Every person in our company is a consumer too.
Just like you.

We take care of our skin, brush our teeth, and do our best to look after our physical and mental health. Every day we care about what we put in and on our bodies. We struggled as you do. We wanted to buy the best care for us for the best price. But … we saw only aisles at the stores filled with plastic and products full of ingredients we have no idea about. We put trust into brands that we can not be sure what their motivation is. And we believed higher price equals better quality, which is not always the case. Sometimes, it is just better marketing. Perception. Illusion.

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Why should you “trust” us?

Our Mission is to make high-quality, natural, sustainably-made personal care products accessible to all. 

Not just to those that can afford it, but everyone. And to do it in a transparent way. We believe that the price you pay should reflect the environmental cost of the product, not just the usable portion. Brands today fight to keep the “cost” down (regardless of the sustainability) so they can compete at retail. This is where the “alignment” of values goes astray. You want a lower price, but you also want quality ingredients and the lowest possible environmental footprint - but … they don’t. Should you have to sacrifice the environment and a healthy lifestyle for the cost of the product? The industry does. Should you? We don’t believe it’s necessary for this tradeoff to exist.

The 50’ legacy

But there is a reason why this tradeoff exists. And nobody wants you to know it. We do.

Inertia. Or better said, it’s how it’s always been done in the past. The inertia is retail. All the hands that need to touch the product to get it to you. All of those hands need to make money. And you pay for it. Every step of the way. You pay. And why does it work this way? Because it is the traditional retail model that has billions and billions of euros and units that are consumed every year. Inertia.


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Welcome the future of personal care

We are out to change the way high-quality, healthy, sustainably-made personal care products are developed and sold. Completely!

We know the perception that higher quality equals higher price. In our world, it doesn’t. High quality doesn’t need to be high-priced. Ingredients, packaging, “sustainably made” - all that has a cost to it. But you shouldn’t pay for all of the other costs of the old retail model. We bring the product directly to you. Members of our shopping club don’t overpay for ridiculous markups, which often constitute up to 75% of the retail price.

Our team

We have been questioned and laughed at many times while raising money and building the DNA of the company.

How can 3 men that have no consumer goods industry experience create an at-cost membership that goes against the “typical” stereotypes? It’s about challenging the status quo. We hate stereotypes, and we believe it’s better for you that we are outsiders and not insiders. We have an amazing team of women and men from all over the world that share the same vision to make high-quality sustainably made personal care products accessible to all.

“Our goal is to create an environment that empowers you to live a healthy lifestyle. And not just a healthy lifestyle today, but for the future as well.”

It’s your turn now.

But we can’t do this alone. We need your help. Break down the inertia of the last 50 years with us. It’s your turn. We will continue to create amazing products and ensure that you have a voice in our growth. Your membership fee is what covers the cost of the team, payment processing, and marketing of our service to you. And yes, as part of our “motivation”, if there is belief in and support of what we do, our membership fee should deliver a profit for our team. And your part is simple. Join us in changing the industry. Tell us what we can do better and what you like and don’t like. It’s your company as much as it is ours.

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