Less is more

We challenge the traditional retail approach and reveal the truths about the personal care industry to benefit all. Your health, your wallet, and also the planet. We believe that we don't need to wait until the year 2030 (or whenever big brands promise) to be more sustainable and that we can make the difference NOW.

“Our Mission is to make high-quality, natural, sustainably-made moisturizers, shampoos, deodorants, and other great products that are accessible for all, not just for those that can afford them. And to do it in a transparent way.”

  • ECO friendlyEco-friendly Packaging
  • 100% naturalNatural ingredients
  • distributionEfficient distribution
  • ConsciousConscious consumption


Big brands use unnecessary and often non-recyclable packaging. Why? They need to stand out on the shelf in the retail store. Colorful paper boxes, plastic vivid colors packaging, glass jars with plastic inners, plastic foils, gift bags, and so more. At the same time, they need to keep their product price competitive, so they have to push down the cost of packaging which typically rules out sustainable solutions. 


Minimize the environmental footprint of our packaging as much as possible.

We stripped out the excess and cut out the unnecessary. With us, you don’t have to pay for it. No extra layers of packaging. Just the 100 % recyclable aluminium, because it's infinitely recyclable (recycling rate is 99 % in Germany) packed in 100 % recycled transportation paper box, then recyclable and recycled paper tape with ecological glue. On top ecological water-soluble colors for print. Easy recycling. No useless waste and no extra cost we would need to pass to you.


Big brands have multiple trips they need to make to get the products to you. It takes a long way from production manufacture, through headquarters delivery centre, local delivery centre, retail distributor, store and then - finally - to you. All the hands that need to touch the product to get it to you. All of those hands need to make money. And who pays for every step of the way there? Well, you, the consumer. But not only you. Also the Environment.


Minimize carbon footprint and cost of overall transportation.

We ship directly to you. It has significant savings on the carbon footprint of the transportation and also the cost you pay. With us, you don’t pay for all of the other costs of the old retail model. No middlemen, no retail marketing, no shelf space. We also buy nearly all of our ingredients locally from reputable EU distributors to our environmental impact and support fair working conditions. We encourage you to order multiple products within one package to help us lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Production manufacture SAVED KILOMETRES
Production manufacture Headquarters delivery Centre Local Delivery Centre Retail Distributor Store


Do you put trust into expensive brands and expect better quality? Sorry, that is not always the case. Sometimes, it is just better marketing. Perception. Illusion. Brands fight to keep the “cost” down so they can compete at retail. They look to profit by charging you a lot of money for quality ingredients. Sometimes they source cheaper alternatives of effective ingredients in China or India and charge you the same. This is where the “alignment” of values goes astray. You want a lower price, but you also want quality ingredients and the lowest possible environmental footprint - but … they don’t. .


Offer premium natural products at our cost without compromising sustainability.

Our goals are aligned with your interests. You can have premium natural products at our cost with us. We source top-quality ingredients sustainably and you can afford it. How come? Because with us you pay for the part you really consume, not for all these brand markups, you didn’t ask for. Our biodegradable ingredients are 100% natural, vegan, and palm oil-free, naturally derived with minimal chemical processing and water consumption. We never sacrifice the quality - we always buy ingredients from reputable suppliers. We never buy cheaper alternatives from China or India.


Are big brands the bad guys? Well,... their goal is basically to increase the profit, typically by decreasing costs. Higher distribution costs cause situations when they have to sacrifice product quality and sustainable packaging to keep their price competitive. But most importantly: they want to sell as much as possible. They have no motivation to encourage you to consume less. Does it seem like a sustainable customer-first approach? We don’t think so.


Have more happy and healthy members. Not to sell more products.

We have no motivation to encourage you to buy an enormous amount of products. We do encourage conscious consumption. Why’s that? You pay what we pay. We don't make any money on the sale and delivery to you. Our membership fee is what allows us to bring you all of these amazing formulas. It couldn't be more transparent than this. You shouldn’t ever need to sacrifice product quality or the environment.


Have you read this far? After all that has been said, will you buy another partially chemical, expensive shampoo in a plastic package or are you ready to try our products and love them as much as we do?

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  • Recycle our packaging We make it so easy to recycle. Please make those few steps to the recycling bin for paper and metal. Just throw it there.
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